Corset/Waist Training – Week 3

Day 11

Made it to 3:30pm before I felt the need to take off my corset. I could feel my body staring to get tired from wearing the corset as I started to feel the pressure on my rib cage. I will need to invest in a support for my chair as sitting upright in my corset for this long puts a lot of strain on my tailbone causing it to hurt. Whenever I take off my corset and sit back down in my chair I notice a huge difference in my posture. My view is taken down and the computer screen seems to be much lower when I don’t have the corset on just proving to myself that I do in fact have horrible posture when I am not in my corset.

When I got home from work I put on my new Orchard Corset CS – 201 in black cotton to start the seasoning process.

Day 12

Today was much harder than yesterday. I starting taking an antibiotic for dental work that I am currently undergoing and it is causing my stomach to be very uneasy. I have lost my appetite and I am feel nauseous. I had to take my corset off around 2:30pm because I just could not handle my stomach. My stomach continued to hurt for the rest of the night.

Day 13

I opted out of wearing my corset today due to the fact that these antibotics are still upsetting my stomach. The entire day I felt as though I could feel the actual stomach acid in my stomach move around. I felt so bad that after I got home I spent the rest of the night in bed.

Day 14

This morning I felt more nauseous than ever. I couldn’t even think about wearing my corset even though it was all I wanted to do. I just have a few more days of these pills and hopefully I can be back to my old self and be able to wear my corset again. Yesterday I did noticed that even though I haven’t been wearing my corset I could feel a change in my waist line, it felt smaller and more defined than it usually does. This put a little spark back into my excitement around waist training.

Day 15

I think the side effects of the pills are starting to wear off. My stomach doesn’t feel as weird today and that puts me in a better mood. I really missed wearing my corset. I have become envious of the girls on Instagram posting pictures of themselves wearing their corsets. I just want to go back to feeling better and back to wearing my corset. I miss the hug and the security that the corset gives me. I miss the shape and figure that I have in it. I mostly miss working toward a goal. Not being able to wear my corset puts me in a bad headspace that I don’t like to be in. I just need to remember that tomorrow is a new day and Monday is a start of a new week. I think that I will wear my corset a little looser on Monday to help my body get back into the swing of things.


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