Corset/Waist Training – Week 2

Day 6

Woke up with a horrible stomachache. I went out to lunch yesterday and what I ate did not agree with me. I did not even try to put on my corset as I knew that I would just turn around a take it back off. I need to work on eating better when I am not wearing my corset to ensure that I don’t have issues in the morning when I want to put on my corset.

Day 7

I wore my corset for the longest time so far. I put in on at 7:15am and did not take it off again until 5:45pm. I had no issues throughout the day and felt that the corset was super comfortable. This morning I was able to close it more that I have before and I did not feel any sort of discomfort. Progress is being made.

Day 8

Only was able to wear my corset for about an hour today before I had to take it off. I ate too much during last night’s dinner that I felt very uncomfortable in my corset today. This is proof that I really need to watch what I eat when I am not in my corset otherwise this process is going to be a lot harder. I need to train myself to eat slower so that I can actually feel myself getting full instead of just eating everything all at once and feeling bloated and stuffed after a meal.

Day 9 & 10

I opted out of wearing my corset these two days because Mother Nature came for her monthly visit. My body already hates me during this time of the month so I did not want to push it even farther than that. But the two days that I wasn’t wearing it all I could think about was wearing it. I looked up corset online, looked at all the different styles and designs. I looked on Instagram to see real life people wearing their corsets. I even bought my second corset (Orchard Corset CS – 201 in Black Cotton 24”). I feel like an addict and I am itching to put it back on. I want that support and hug that it gives me, sitting at my desk at work just hasn’t been the same without it on. I am going to make it a point to watch what I eat this weekend to ensure that my body is ready to start a new week wearing my corset.


2 thoughts on “Corset/Waist Training – Week 2

    1. That is something that I need to work on. I am so used to eating at certain times that I feel compelled to do so. But luckily I now work at an office that is so laid back that eating sporadically doesn’t interfere with my work. I really like your articles on stiletto training. I am coming back from an ankle injury and looking at it through your articles really help me take it slow and remember that I need my ankle to “relearn” how to wear those beautiful heels.


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