Corset/Waist Training – Why I Started

The deciding factor in starting my corset/waist training journey was the way that I looked at myself in the mirror. Like every other person on this Earth I struggle with self-confidence with my body. Some days are better than others and some years have been better than others, but for the last two years I have been so unhappy with the person that was looking back at me from the mirror. The disdain mostly came from the weight that I gained from the bout of depression that I was fighting. I had found myself in a job that I hated, having to engage with some of the lowest forms of human beings that there is, and no I wasn’t working with criminals I was working in retail. It is amazing how self-entitled people think that they are. This daily frustration and annoyance lead to a very deep depression, one that I am still fighting to get out of. Even after getting a much better job, I still have to work every day to get myself out of bed and go to work. I have to work every day to push myself to actually do something around the apartment to make sure that I don’t become a huge slob because all I want to do is watch Netflix. My depression is a constant struggle for me and I know that in order to make a change in it I have to make a change in myself (much harder said than done). In enters my new journey, a new journey that will entice me to be better, encourage me to do more, support me even in my darkest of days. Having this corset will be my catalyst to change myself and to become a stronger person.


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