Corset/Waist Training – Seasoning My Corset

Once I got my Orchard Corset in the mail I was super eager to try it on and to start the seasoning process. The process of “seasoning” your corset is the act of wearing your corset a little at a time to help a new corset form to fit you. Orchard Corset has a great website with information and videos all about the beginning process of corset/waist training, which is where I learned most of my information.

I read up on this process from many other places as well. I read blog posts from Lucy’s Corsetry and The Lingerie Addict as well and Miranda Right’s blog. All of these websites have great insight and information around this subject and I highly recommend looking at them if you are interested in starting a corset journey.

Back to seasoning my corset. At first I found it really tough to season my corset. I could never get it to sit right on me and I always felt the need to take it off before even an hour had past. Nothing was hurting me or putting me in pain but it was the fact that I was trying to season my corset after working all day and my body just wanted to rest. One day I got adventurous and wore my corset out in public on day off, a day that I had nothing that needed to be done and this is when I found it the easiest to season my corset. After wearing it for a few hours I felt more comfortable in it and I started to feel the corset take my shape. I could feel it mold to fit my rib cage and shape it so nicely. This small thing made me so excited and gave me great hope for this journey.

Once my seasoning was done I had to take a short break so that I could move apartments. I only had one weekend to move in and there was a lot to do. I felt guilty that I had neglected my corset during that time and I felt a yearning to be able to put it back on. I was more than excited to finally make it to the next step of my journey, the actually corset/waist training journey.

I do find that this is an important step to the process, especially with OTR corsets. It allows the corset to “learn” your body and the many shapes and curves that you have. And it allows your body to either accept/deny this new thing. It is a great way for a beginner to prepare the body for the more rigorous training that is ahead  While you may not need to worry about this step with a custom made corset as it will already know your shapes and curves, I do think that this is an important step and I am glad that I took my time with this and did not force my self into something before my body was ready for it.


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