Corset/Waist Training – My Goal

My goal for this waist training journey is to ultimately be able to close a 22” corset, maybe even an 20” depending on what my body says. But this is the ultimate goal. This goal could take a year it could even take 3-5 years, I am not sure. It all depends on my body and how I respond to the training, and also life happens. Maybe something will come up and I have to stop training. Maybe I get sick, maybe someone else gets sick and I need to focus on them and not me. Life is full of surprises.

As for my short-term goal, I would like to lose 10lbs. We are currently in the beginning of September so I have 3 months to try and accomplish this goal. I am not sure how well this goal will be but even if I end the year with only losing 3lbs if I have created a better and more healthy lifestyle for myself and being able to call myself a “corset-wearer,” I will be happy.


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